Are you preparing for retirement?

Are you preparing for retirement? So many people are looking forward to retirement only to find out that it is not the "golden years" that they expected. [...]

Housing needs for your retirement

When buying into a retirement housing scheme, it's important to scrutinise the form of ownership because your legal rights and obligations vary greatly with the different types of schemes. Retirement [...]

Second career after retirement

Second career after retirement Details Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December 2016 22:38 Longer life spans, concerns about outliving retirement savings and a desire to stay productive [...]

Do you look forward to retirement?

Do you look forward to retirement? Retirement can be a massive step in life that can affect your emotions, finances and even your marriage, but you may [...]

Life after retirement

Life after retirement Have a productive and happy retirement by keeping yourself both physically and mentally active. Travel Take the trips you've been postponing! There are [...]

Prevent loneliness after retirement

Prevent loneliness after retirement Any person can feel lonely at times in his or her life. However, it is often those who are retired who feel lonely [...]

What’s in your retirement future?

What's in your retirement future? Analysts spend a lot of time on analysing graphs and trying to predict the future. But, as many analysts know, past investment [...]

Start saving now for retirement

Start saving now for retirement It takes many years and a lot of discipline to ensure financial independence when you retire. Each year you wait can be [...]

Healthy ageing quiz

Healthy ageing quiz Is your current lifestyle helping you age well? If you are over 50, this quiz is for you. We're all getting older, whether [...]