October Newsletter 2018


Understanding Emotional Trauma and its Effects

Trauma, specifically emotional trauma, is something we often hear mentioned when it comes to the topic of mental health. What does trauma actually mean, and what effect does it have on our wellbeing? Defining Trauma “Trauma” can refer either to a serious physical injury, or [...]

September Newsletter 2018


How Human Touch Improves Our Health

We can all relate to the need for human touch. Whether you’re hugging your best friend, kissing your little one goodnight, or snuggling up with your partner, that loving physical connection is just so comforting. It might surprise you to learn that touch isn’t just [...]

August Newsletter 2018


Become an Organ Donor, Be a Hero!

August is Organ Donor Awareness Month, which aims to highlight the need for organ donation. With thousands of patients in desperate need of healthy organ and tissue transplants, becoming a donor is a selfless act that costs you nothing, but has the potential to give [...]

July Newsletter 2018


Understanding Mental Health

We’re often so focused on preserving our physical health, we can all too easily forget to look after our mental and emotional wellbeing too. July is Mental Illness Awareness Month, which makes it a good time to reflect on your mental health and its importance. [...]

June Newsletter 2018


Ten Smart Steps to an Eco-Friendly Home

With World Environment Day coming up and the extreme weather conditions of 2018 on everyone’s minds, now is the time to start taking sustainability seriously. Running an eco-friendly home will ensure that your family cuts down on resources like water and energy, while also giving [...]

May Newsletter 2018


How Hand Washing Protects You & Others

Many of us wash our hands because we’ve been taught that it’s a ‘good clean habit’. But hand washing is so much more than that. Hand washing, also called hand hygiene, can protect your quality of life, and can even save lives by preventing the [...]

April Newsletter 2018


Vaccination and Your Family

There’s an old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, and vaccination is one of the most powerful tools for preventing serious health problems. Just as you make sure your loved ones eat healthy food, get enough sleep and enjoy plenty of exercise, you need to [...]

March Newsletter 2018


Honouring Human Rights for All

A healthy society is just as important as a healthy body or mind. Happy, healthy societies are those based on a strong foundation of human rights. These are fundamental rights that you are entitled to, simply because you were born human – regardless of your [...]

February Newsletter 2018


Loving Advice for a Healthier Relationship

In a marriage or a long-term romantic relationship, it can be all too easy to get complacent and fall into bad habits. This could leave you and your partner feeling frustrated and wondering what happened to that original spark between you. When the going gets [...]

January Newsletter 2018


Solutions to Your Post-Holiday Health & Fitness Problems

The end of the festive season leaves most of us with that all-too-familiar feeling of tighter jeans, and a tell-tale number on the bathroom scale. Amidst the celebrations and stresses of the December holidays, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits and to overindulge, gaining [...]

December Newsletter 2017


Open your eyes to abuse

Don’t turn a blind eye. If you are being abused or suspect that someone you know is being abused, speak out and call your Employee Wellbeing partner, LifeAssist. Physical abuse includes: slapping, punching, hitting, kicking, shoving, scratching, biting, throwing things at you. threatening or attacking [...]

November Newsletter 2017


Top 10 reasons why men need to take care of themselves

The month of November is Men’s Health Awareness month, better known as Movember. Here are the top 10 men’s health issues that need attention all year around. Colon and rectal cancer: It’s one of the most commonly occurring internal cancers and the second-most common cause [...]

October Newsletter 2017


What is Financial Wellness?

People have different opinions on what financial wellness is, but one thing stands out: without financial wellness, your life takes a downturn and impacts your whole state of being. There is no single definition for financial wellness but it has been described as "an intricate [...]

September Newsletter 2017

  • Your LifeAssist | Changing Seasons

Focus on health after winter

With the change of season comes the impulse to clean and replace the old with the new. Spring is also a great time to start healthy new habits and break with the old. Here are five tips to help kick-start your spring health goals: Do [...]

August Newsletter 2017


Eat healthier to work smarter

"You are what you eat" – but what does this really mean? And does it extend to your mind? In fact, a healthy diet will not only help you control your weight and lower your cholesterol, it can also improve your concentration, alertness, problem-solving skills [...]

July Newsletter 2017


A friend in need is a friend indeed

Technology has made it possible to connect with more people than at any other time in history. Still, these Facebook-type relationships are mostly shallow. Texting, social networking and other social media have made it seem possible to maintain a friendship without being in someone's presence. [...]

June Newsletter 2017


Men’s health – here are some facts

It's not news that men are different from women when it comes to health. Men are less likely to go to the doctor when there is a problem even though in most countries men have a shorter lifespan than women. The following facts are less [...]

May Newsletter 2017


Healthy life – it’s all about balance

Life is a balancing act. We try to achieve our goals while constantly balancing the various elements of our lives, but we may be just one step away from a stumble. Here are four easy steps to help you find balance in your life: Assess [...]

April Newsletter 2017


Is your workplace a safe environment?

Whether you work at a business, manage it, or own it, one of your goals should be to prevent injury at work. Here are some things we can do to ensure that no one gets hurt while at work: If you see a dangerous situation, [...]

March Newsletter 2017


A smile a day keeps the doctor away

When it comes to self-managed health and wellbeing, laughter is difficult to beat. Laughter has been clinically proven to have powerful and positive effects on physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing. It helps to heal and renew the human body and mind, and nothing [...]

February Newsletter 2017


My wellness – my responsibility

We consume too much fast food and sugar, are under too much stress, don't get enough sleep or exercise and are disconnected from others. This can adversely affect our health and wellbeing. The good news is that we can take charge and change our harmful [...]

January Newsletter 2017


New beginnings

The new year is a prime time for getting around to some of the things that you've been putting off for the last year… or even longer. One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is to expand your thinking with new experiences. Commit [...]