Journal therapy

Journal therapy Who would guess that the simple act of writing down your feelings and thoughts could have very real psychological and physical health benefits? Journal therapy [...]

Family therapy

Family therapy The family is where we learn most about the ethics, morals and social values that we take with us into the world and carry with [...]

Saying “thank you”

Saying "thank you" Two simple words can make a world of difference to the people around you. So, why is it so difficult to remember to say [...]


Hypnotherapy is not mind control or brainwashing, as some people think. It cannot make a persons do something dangerous or embarrassing. In fact, it highlights the power of the mind [...]

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer's disease is a cruel disease that attacks the brain, thereby profoundly altering who we really are. It literally steals from us our most basic [...]

Get a life!

Get a life! Want to live a happier, healthier life but don't know where to start? Keep it simple by making small changes that have big benefits. [...]

Acute stress disorder

The South African Stress and Health Study estimated that 75% of adult South Africans have experienced a traumatic event, such as a physical or sexual assault, motor vehicle accident, hijacking, [...]


Depression Too often depression sufferers are stigmatised as weak and unstable individuals. The truth of the matter is that many depression sufferers are well-qualified individuals with responsible [...]

How to improve your self-image

Your self-image is the "I am" definition of how you evaluate yourself. How you picture yourself determines your personality, behaviour, action and your relationships.     Self-image is the image [...]

Reclaim your brain

Reclaim your brain Forget where you left your keys this morning? Don't worry, it's probably not a sign of Alzheimer's – everyone's a little forgetful at times. [...]