Secrets of staying young

The search for eternal youth has fascinated both men and women for centuries. Today, a rapidly expanding multi-billion (and more) dollar industry exists that focuses solely on overcoming the effects [...]

Art of forgiveness

Art of forgiveness Forgiving those who have hurt or betrayed us is no easy gesture, but it is the first step towards healing. Dr Phil McGraw, [...]

What is meant by “health age”?

Your health or body age can be in stark contrast to your chronological age. It can either be younger or older than you really are. The body or health age [...]

Not enough hours in your day?

Not enough hours in your day? Many people with hectic schedules would love it if the Beatles song "Eight days a week" could become a reality, but [...]

Make time to relax

Make time to relax Most people find it hard to make time for themselves due to their hectic schedules, even though "me time" is one of the [...]

Overcoming laziness

  Has the motivation to tackle that project or finish that task waned? Do you lack the energy to just get up and do it? It can happen to anyone. [...]

Independence – what it is

Independence – what it is The great Abraham Lincoln said: "You cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence." The same goes for [...]

Do you feel insecure?

Do you feel insecure? If we're honest, we all feel insecure to a certain degree. We fear that we are not good enough or that we don't [...]

Ten ways to boost your self-esteem

Ten ways to boost your self-esteem A self-esteem is the opinion of oneself; it also refers to one's self-worth. A good self-esteem makes everything in life easier [...]

Stress can be healthy

Stress can be healthy Stress can be good for you if it inspires you and helps you to excel at things in life, but too much stress [...]

What is meant by mental health?

Mental health in short is the ability of people to live with positive attitudes and to enjoy life. People who are successful in maintaining a balance between their everyday responsibilities [...]

Do you have a hardy personality?

Do you have a hardy personality? We all know people who seem to be able to cope better with life and all its stresses than us. To [...]