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Top ten health risks for men

Top ten health risks for men It is something we all more or less know: women are healthier than men. Out of the 15 leading causes of [...]

Superfoods for supermen

Superfoods for supermen Although we all have the same basic nutrition needs, men and women have some different health risks. This means that what might be good [...]

Grooming mistakes men make

Grooming mistakes men make Gone are the days when men are to look like they have just come back from an expedition to Kilimanjaro or an African [...]

Pass the testicle test. A quiz

Pass the testicle test. A quiz Did you know that during the Middle Ages men who wanted sons would sometimes have their left testicle chopped off because [...]

Anti-ageing guide for men

Anti-ageing guide for men Nobody wants to age. Most guys, unfortunately, look much older than they are. Defy your age with these fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and skincare [...]