Relax Relaxing is essential to your well-being. This doesn't necessarily mean taking a big break from your busy life. To relax can be as easy as sitting [...]

From peace in the home to peace in the world

For decades women's rights, human rights and peace movements have advocated for the use of peaceful strategies to end conflict and violence and achieve women's rights. These movements challenge the [...]

What is success?

When was the last time you thought about success and what being successful means in your life? Does your definition of success match up with what you're focusing your time [...]

Truth sets you free

Truth sets you free Since the dawn of time, people have been searching for the truth. Why is nature so beautiful? It celebrates truth! Why do [...]

Have some patience, please!

Have some patience, please! Do you have patience? As you know it is a virtue and can be cultivated. The dictionary says that patience is: the [...]

Animal-assisted therapy

Animal-assisted therapy "Animals are such agreeable friends − they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms." These words once spoken by the Victorian writer George Eliot [...]

Dance therapy

Dance therapy Dance therapy (also called movement therapy) is the therapeutic use of movement to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of a person. It focuses on [...]

Maintain your integrity

Maintain your integrity A while back, there was a story about Reuben Gonzolas, who was in the final match of his first professional racquetball tournament. He [...]

Drama therapy

Drama therapy Drama therapy applies practices from the theatre to the process of psychotherapeutic healing. Drama therapy is an active approach that helps the individual to grow [...]

Music therapy

Music therapy Music therapy is an established health profession in which music is used to support and encourage the physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing of individuals. [...]

Healing power of touch

Healing power of touch Unlike the name suggests, healing touch or therapeutic touch is not a massage therapy, but an energy therapy said to speed up recovery [...]