New beginnings

New beginnings

The new year is a prime time for getting around to some of the things that you’ve been putting off for the last year… or even longer. One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is to expand your thinking with new experiences. Commit to doing something new − that you have thought about doing, but have not done −each day of every month this year and notice how it affects your life.

Some possibilities are to:

  • Do aerobic exercise for 30 minutes or do 20 minutes of yoga
  • Listen to only positive music, meditate for 20 minutes or listen to a motivational cd on the way to work
  • Not read the newspaper or not watch television
  • Eat only vegetarian or raw food, or drink 10 glasses of water a day
  • Verbally appreciate at least 10 people a day, spend an hour with your partner or call one of your children on the phone
  • Get eight hours of sleep or read a self-help book
  • Write a handwritten thank-you note to someone…

What are you going to do to make sure you have the best year ever?