Five reasons why outdoor hobbies make good recreational activities

Five reasons why outdoor hobbies make good recreational activities

Five reasons why outdoor hobbies make good recreational activities

Thinking of taking up a new pastime? Here are five reasons why choosing the outdoors as the setting for your future hobby may be a good idea.

1. Outdoor hobbies combat a sedentary lifestyle  

The no 1 children’s choice for recreation, computer games, but also watching movies and even hobbies such as scrapbooking, sewing, stamp collecting and model building are done while sitting. So while the mind may be active the body is not. Outdoors activities get you off the couch/bed/armchair.

2. Outdoor hobbies force you outside

In addition to the fact that most hobbies are done while sitting down, most hobbies are also done indoors. If you choose an outside hobby, if compels you to go out, to have a change of scenery, to enjoy the great outdoors and to get into nature.

3. Outdoor hobbies have health benefits

The sunshine vitamin, vitamin D, is hugely important in fighting osteoporosis, some forms of cancer and heart disease and, although good vitamin D supplements are available on the market, sunlight remains the best source. Also, being out in the sunshine is a natural mood lifter. And breathing some fresh air can never be bad for you.

4. Outdoor hobbies offer something for everyone

So many forms of outdoor hobbies are available, that whether you choose land, sea or air, you are bound to find something to match your interest. Adrenalin junkies will enjoy bungee jumping or paragliding, while the less adventurous might prefer walking, running or kayaking. A quick Internet search will find something to match your fitness levels and temperament.

5. Outdoor hobbies helps you connect with others

Simply through choosing an outdoor hobby, you choose to encounter people who have the same interests as you. This holds the promise of new friendships and the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people, which is great for your emotional well-being.