Life after retirement

Life after retirement

Life after retirement

Have a productive and happy retirement by keeping yourself both physically and mentally active.


Take the trips you’ve been postponing! There are some great discounts for seniors on flights, cruises and public transportation so why not explore your country or travel internationally? You’ll also make wonderful friends on the tours that are offered for retirees. Visit the SA Association of Retired Person (SAARP) Website ( for more information.


Retirement allows you time to be altruistic and to give back to the community. Walk the neighbour’s dogs while their owners are slogging away at work, volunteer at the local hospital, drive infirm neighbours to doctor’s appointments … the opportunities to help others are virtually endless. You’ll also feel a lot more fulfilled.

Expand your relationships

Grandchildren can offer a lot of fulfilment. Unlike your grown-up children, you don’t need to do any “parenting”. Instead, you can listen to your grandchildren’s stories, share their victories and comfort them when they’re upset.

Reconnect with old friends. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are not just for young people. Use them to search for old friends – you never know what your search results might reveal.

Get a part-time job

Find a part time job, whether it’s just to get out the house to meet new people, to help out, or for some additional income. Many companies are more than happy to welcome a retiree onboard.

Start a business

Starting a business after retirement can be extremely rewarding. You now get to become your own boss and to do things the way you want them done. Don’t let your age be a factor; clients and customers often prefer dealing with a seasoned veteran. However, don’t put your life savings into a new venture – if it isn’t successful you may lose everything.


Blogs are an open forum for anyone who can type! If you have something to say, blogging can be a great opportunity for you. However, a successful blog doesn’t just grow overnight. You’ll have to interact with other bloggers, and market your blog just like any other type of business.

Take a class or start a hobby

Your retirement is the perfect time to learn something new. You could learn a new language and take a painting or cooking class. Consider joining the University of the Third Age (u3a). Visit for more information.


If you like to write, why not keep a journal or write your memoirs. Your family will enjoy reading about your life and thoughts.


Libraries also have audio books. Why not sit in a comfortable chair in the sun and enjoy listening to an interesting story?

Don’t dwell

Rather than dwelling on the past and the frustration that comes with getting older, think about all of the things that you’ve gained. With your age, you’ll have gained wisdom and with your retirement has come the amazing gift of time.