Drug addiction treatment in SA

Drug addiction treatment in SA

Drug addiction treatment in SA

Drug addiction and substance abuse is a serious problem in South Africa, but we are fortunate in that there are many excellent clinics to help solve this problem.

While individual clinics may differ greatly, drug addiction treatment in South Africa follows a general pattern of phases that includes:

Assessment and “detox”

When you arrive at the clinic, the intake officer will make an initial assessment that includes physical observations (heart rate, weight, etc.), and identify any issues that could interfere with treatment or that may need to be addressed concurrently, for example secondary addictions, eating disorders and other psychological diagnoses such as depression or anxiety.

You will then undergo a “detox” programme to clear your body and mind of drugs.

Drug addiction treatment

Next, you will join a recovery programme to help unravel the thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with active addiction. Think of addiction recovery as being abstinence coupled with an active multi-faceted approach to address all the complex issues involved in your recovery.

Your rehabilitation programme will probably include the following to help you achieve your goal of personal change and growth:

  • A part-time psychiatrist, medical practitioner, occupational therapist, spiritual advisor, and dietician
  • Full-time psychologists and social workers
  • Full-time nursing staff, available 24 hours a day
  • Group therapy sessions/support group
  • Individual counselling
  • Alternative therapies such as art therapy and psychodrama
  • Low-grade physical exercise such as walking, yoga or pilates.

By combining different approaches, the professional team is able to cater to people of different ages, races, sex, religions and cultures while providing medical, therapeutic, emotional and spiritual support.

Step down/reintegration

This phase of the rehabilitation programme assists you to reintegrate into society by creating routines and finding support structures to ensure lasting recovery.


When your time at the clinic comes to an end, you will be strongly advised to attend a self-help group on a regular basis where you will be encouraged to maintain a sober, drug-free lifestyle.

Our Employee Wellbeing Programme (EWP) is available 24 hours a day. If you want to know more about how to treat drug addiction, call us on the EWP number or email us at
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