Intramural sport as a form of recreation

Intramural sport as a form of recreation

Intramural sport as a form of recreation

Keen to stay active, but not necessarily out to win? Want to stay fit and interested in meeting people with common interests? Then intramural sport is for you.

What is intramural sport?

Intramural sports or intramurals are sports played mainly for recreation and are organised within a set community or area. Intramurals are played not with the emphasis on winning, but to promote health and wellness. It allows people who are not necessarily stars on the sports field but who still love to play the opportunity to keep fit and active and to socialise with other people who enjoy the same type of sport.

The term is taken from the Latin words intra muros which means “within walls” – a term from ancient times to indicate sports matches and games that took place within the walls of an ancient city.

A variety of sports can be played in this way, including cricket, squash, football, tennis, netball, touch rugby, and even golf; the list is basically endless.

Benefits of playing intramural sport

  • The first and obvious benefit of taking part in intramural sport is that you can stay involved with your favourite sport, even if you don’t want to play very competitively.
  • Because the emphasis is taken away from competition, you don’t have to put aside as much time to play as someone who plays to win.
  • It provides the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people or keep in touch with friends.
  • It also affords participants the chance to meet new people who share the same interests, sometimes people who you might never have met if you were not playing social sports. It is a great tool for networking.

Get to it!

Action cricket, action netball and touch rugby are some of the better known local forms of intramural sport, but any sport will do. Chat with the folks at the office and see if you can make up a team and challenge other colleagues/branches/regions to a friendly game or two, or start your own league.

You have nothing to lose.