Do you feel insecure?

Do you feel insecure?

Do you feel insecure?

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If we’re honest, we all feel insecure to a certain degree. We fear that we are not good enough or that we don’t match up to the expectations of others.

What can we do about it?

  • Accept what and who you are
  • Make a list of things that make you feel insecure and plan how you are going to behave from now on
  • Accept that as nobody is perfect, you are bound to make some mistakes. Just focus and do the best you can at your own pace. This will slowly build up your self-esteem
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  • Let go of past hurts (real or imagined) and move on with your life
  • Capitalise on your strengths, attributes, skills and competencies, and reward yourself every time you do something well
  • Exercise; it will not only help to boost your physical fitness but can also improve how you think about yourself and the way you look at life
  • Try repeating statements such as “I like myself” and “I can do this”; you may feel silly at first but at least it should make you smile!
  • Improve your posture. This will not only strengthen your back, it may also make you feel more assertive. Sit up straight and suck in your tummy as much as possible
  • When you look in the mirror, look for all the physical attributes that you like about yourself and forget about those you don’t
  • Give sincere compliments. Telling people a certain colour looks good on them or that their house is beautiful will not only make you feel good, but it will make them more open and welcoming to you
  • Work at what you love! This can improve your entire outlook on life.

Our Employee Wellbeing Programme (EWP) is available 24 hours a day. If you want to know more about feelings of insecurity, call us on the EWP number or email us
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