Overcoming laziness

Overcoming laziness


Has the motivation to tackle that project or finish that task waned? Do you lack the energy to just get up and do it? It can happen to anyone.


Yes, it happens to all of us and in many circumstances, whether it is when you need to complete a course, do the filing, study for an exam, or simply get the linen cupboard or garage sorted.


Here are some tips to help you on your way:


Consider the consequences of not doing it


What would happen if you put it off or simply cancel it? What would be lost or gained? This can help to put your reason/s for the project or task in perspective and can sometimes in itself provide you with huge motivation to get going.


List it and break it down


This can be especially helpful with a task that seems overwhelming or has stages to it. When you list all that has to be done and break it down into smaller tasks or prioritise how the tasks or stages will follow on one another, completing each stage and ticking it off will give a sense of accomplishment and provide the push to tackle the next one.


Create an incentive


Or more plainly put: bribe yourself. Set up a nice pay off or present to reward yourself for sticking with it and getting it done. This is excellent motivation and keeps you answerable to yourself.


Set a deadline


Decide on a cut-off date for getting going or getting it done. This helps in that it brings about a sense of urgency, and also helps to make you see that if you put in the effort now, or sooner rather than later, at a certain time or date that task will be done and dusted.




(Revised by M van Deventer)