Many Species. One Planet. One Future

Many Species. One Planet. One Future

With this as its theme, the 2010 celebrations of World Environment Day on 5 June will focus on the fantastic diversity of life on earth and specifically the role of the human race in protecting all creatures great and small and the ecosystems that support them.

World Environment Day is organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 2010 is also the UN’s International Year of Biodiversity. Life on Earth is indeed diverse: scientists believe an astounding 15 million species inhabit the earth. Of these, nearly 17300 species are threatened with extinction. This does not include the many species that simply disappear without ever being discovered.

World Environment Day has been celebrated for nearly 40 years. It was first announced at the UN’s Conference on the Human Environment that was held in Stockholm, Sweden from 5 June in 1972. Since 1972 it has been celebrated annually on 5 June to commemorate the conference, viewed as the first global event towards environmentalism. Every year a global host is announced and the Rwandan capital of Kigali will be the global host for 2010.

The UN wants to use World Environment Day to promote awareness of the environment and environmental issues and to encourage people to take action and get involved in issues regarding the environment. Here as some suggestions on how to protect the environment. Make a start with these on World Environment Day:

    • Start using environmentally-friendly cleaning products
    • Plant a tree or organise a tree-planting drive
    • Replace conventional light bulbs with energy saving ones
    • Start recycling
    • Organise a clean-up of your neighbourhood, park or beach
    • Stop using plastic bags or recycle them
    • Get around without your car for a day or start a lift club
    • Join an environmental campaign or group


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