Stress can be healthy

Stress can be healthy

Stress can be healthy

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Stress can be good for you if it inspires you and helps you to excel at things in life, but too much stress could make life very difficult.

People deal with stress in various ways. Most people perform to the best of their ability when they are exposed to a reasonable amount of stress, but too much stress could impair efficiency. Maintaining healthy stress levels is vital in order to be productive.

Keep stress in check

Here are a few things to do to keep stress levels low:

  • Put a few hours a week aside for exercise, not only will it shape your body, it will also offer some relief from stress. Find a sport that you really enjoy, like dancing, jogging or swimming
  • Work on accepting the things in life that you can’t change, like doing what your boss tells you to do or having to drive in rush-hour traffic
  • Follow a healthy diet and avoid drugs and alcohol in order to have enough energy to cope with stressful situations
  • Stay away from smoking as it restricts blood flow and will influence your ability to handle stress
  • Fill your life with variety. The stress brought on by your day job differs from the type of stress brought on by, say, a chess competition, which may be good for you
  • Take up a hobby. Whether it’s scrapbooking or gardening, one hour of losing yourself in something you thoroughly enjoy will make the world of difference in your stress levels
  • Make time for yourself to relax and get away from it all, like taking a long bath or playing with your pet.