Fun family summer holiday activities

Fun family summer holiday activities

Fun family summer holiday activities

“Mom (or Dad), I’m bored!” Schools are nearly out and many a parent is searching for ideas on how to spend some quality family time and help stave off boredom. We have some ideas for fun family days out.

Take a trip on a steam train

Taking the train is not something most of us do every day and a trip on a steam train is a very special way to get to know this wonderful way of transport. There are companies in most of the big cities that offer day-trips aimed at the family. Check your local directory or phone the local train station for information.

Go to the drive-in

This can be a trip down memory lane for Mom and Dad but will be a novel experience for the children. Drive-ins are a rarity nowadays, so do a search or ask around about a local one. Most offer two movies per screening, so it’s well worth the expense.

Enjoy a concert or music in the park

The botanical gardens in the big cities annually present summer concert series and, during the December holidays, attending a Carols by Candlelight event is always a treat. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the warm summer weather along with the music.

Discover amazing creatures

Curious about weird creatures like alpacas or crocodiles or keen to learn more about big cats or wild dogs? Our country is rich in breeding projects aimed at conserving endangered species and introducing new and wonderful ones. Most of these breeding facilities are open to visitors.

Discover the local nature reserves

Our municipal nature reserves offer a wide range of opportunities for outdoor activities such as game viewing, bird watching, fishing, rowing, horse-riding, mountain biking, 4×4 trails, trail runs and rides or walking. The entrance fees are usually very reasonable and affordable for most families. Check your local municipality’s website.