Swimming pool health

Swimming pool health

Swimming pool health

Maintaining a swimming pool helps to prevent disease and also increases the lifetime of a pool. Well-maintained pools attract swimmers and offer a place for relaxation and enjoyment.

Always take a shower

Always take a shower before entering the pool as well as after swimming. This helps to maintain the hygiene of the pool and your body. Wash your hands after changing a baby’s nappy or taking children on toilette breaks. Never change a baby’s or toddler’s nappy around the pool area.

Pool hygiene

Don’t allow your children to throw any waste or eat food in or around the pool area. Change your clothes in your house or in the change room and not in or around the pool area. Don’t spit, spout, urinate or blow your nose in the water. Use a nappy for children who have not been potty trained. Change the diaper in the house or bathroom and do not discard it in the pool area. Always wash your hands after changing the nappy or using the toilet.

Avoid entering the pool if you have a disease

Do not enter in or around the pool if you have any disease such as red eye, fever, cough and diarrhoea. If you experience any medical problem when using the pool, get out. Make an appointment to see a doctor.

Check the quality of water

Ensure pool water is safe for your family or friends before you let them enter the water. Prevent any imbalances in chemicals which can affect the health of the pool user or swimmer. Get proper training on how to maintain your pool effectively and how to treat the water to prevent the growth of bacteria and micro organisms.

Water treatment for the prevention of disease

Traditionally strong chemical oxidising agents have been used to clean swimming pool water. Chlorine is a common pool sanitiser but it has some side-effects to pool users or swimmers, like burning eyes, dry skin and bleached clothing.

Electronic oxidation and copper ionization are chemical free and eco friendly disinfection technologies. Salt water chlorine generation, copper and silver ionization, ozone use and mineral purification are some of the alternative sanitations.

Ask your nearest pool expert’s advice about these treatments.


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