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INT: +27 11 912 1203
SMS: 32341
EMAIL: help@lifeassist.co.za


Get in touch with LifeAssist to get advice, request counselling or email counselling by completing the form below. In case of an emergency, contact the LifeAssist National Support Centre on the number above.


This form is for an individual to contact LifeAssist. If you are completing the form on behalf of someone else, please include your name and contact number as well. Alternatively, please refer to the referral processes as outlined in the EWP handbook on page 15 or 18.


There are no upcoming events at this time.


Welcome to YOUR LifeAssist

Welcome to your wellness website where you have access to a wealth of information at your fingertips. The website has been designed to support your personal quest for wellness – physically, mentally and financially.

The website form part of the LifeAssist Employee Wellbeing Programme (EWP). To learn more about your counselling and advice service – and the wide scope of services available to you and your beneficiaries.

About Your Programme

At times we feel that it takes all we’ve got to merely stay alive, let alone thrive. At LifeAssist we have the expertise to help you to cope when the going gets tough. We also have the expertise to toughen you up and get you going!

What are the benefits? 2017-09-08T10:02:45+00:00

We engage with our clients telephonically, face-to-face and electronically (through this Website) to address work-related and personal issues.

Who can use this service? 2017-09-08T10:01:47+00:00

You, as an employee of the company, your spouse or adult life-partner(s), children* who are aged 13 years and older (natural, fostered or adopted), your relatives**, and domestic worker/helpers who are employed by you.

*Children must be financially dependent on the employee.
** Relatives and domestic worker/helpers must be financially dependent on the employee and reside in the same household. Household is defined the same physical address as the employee.

Telephone access – 24/7/365 2017-10-03T10:42:02+00:00

Call our National Support Centre any time day or night. We will be available to give you information on the EWP, activate emergency trauma assistance, schedule face-to-face counselling and put you in touch with experts in physical, mental and emotional health, diet, fitness, finance and law.

Face-to-face engagement 2017-09-11T14:19:04+00:00

At LifeAssist we love to engage personally face-to-face with individuals, families and groups at the workplace.

When you call, tell us what it is you need and we will arrange for you to see the best person for the job in an appropriate place, at a convenient time.

In the event of a critical incident that occur in the line of duty/at the workplace, LifeAssist can help by providing crisis containment and debriefing. Suitability for onsite response will be determined by unique circumstances of each event. This can be initiated by an onsite line manager or Health and Safety Officer.

Trauma counselling for individuals can be provided within 24 – 72 hours of the incident (initiated by the individual – i.e. self-referral).

Training 2017-09-08T10:03:30+00:00

At LifeAssist we keep a finger on the pulse of the EWP, using the data generated from all levels of interaction with our clients to identify trends and highlight needs. This information is invaluable when we design training programmes in a variety of formats.

Online 2017-10-03T09:31:47+00:00

If you prefer to engage with us online, please complete the form on the left hand side and we will phone you back. In case of an emergency, contact the LifeAssist National Support Centre on the contact number provided.

Can you be ensured of confidentiality? Absolutely! LifeAssist is bound by professional ethics around confidentiality. The exception is when we are legally obligated to disclose to relevant law enforcement authorities and persons being threatened.

For more information on this programme, contact us at help@lifeassist.co.za.


This Month’s Newsletter

Ten Smart Steps to an Eco-Friendly Home

With World Environment Day coming up and the extreme weather conditions of 2018 on everyone’s minds, now is the time to start taking sustainability seriously. Running an eco-friendly home will ensure that your family cuts down on resources like water and energy, while also giving back to the planet.

Eco-Friendly Home Habits to Start Today

Eco-friendly living is much more than using LED light bulbs and making the occasional trip to the recycling bank! Here are some small but strategic steps you can take, to make every part of your life a little greener.

  1. Cut down on single-use plastics, including shopping bags, […]

Take a Stand against Global Warming

Earth is the only planet we know of that has the right conditions for human life to thrive. But rapid global warming is having a profound effect on these conditions and on life as we [...]

Join in World Environment Day 2018

World Environment Day (WED) is an initiative from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It was first started in the 1970s, to raise global awareness about environmental challenges, and encourage people around the world to [...]

Consumer Tip

Water is a priceless resource that is becoming an increasingly scarce. Everyone is looking for ways to save those extra few drops wherever possible. Research shows that toilet is the single biggest user of indoor water, using an average of 11-litres with every flush. This means a family of four will use 176-litres a day, just from four flushes each!

To cut down on water wastage, follow the simple rule ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow’, and flush only when necessary. You can also install a water-saving device or retro-fit flushing mechanism in your toilet. This will prevent you from flushing away all that precious water unnecessarily.

Caring Communities

Plastic pollution is a growing environmental problem, with 80-90% of all marine debris being plastic-based. Single-use straws are one of the leading culprits; thousands of them are found at every beach cleanup event. These items are thrown away after being used for just a few minutes, yet they take hundreds of years to start breaking down.

To show your love for the environment, take a stand and say no to plastic straws! You can even invest in your own snazzy reusable straw, made from stainless steel, bamboo wood or glass.



1-30 Men’s Health Month
National Blood Donor Month
National Youth Month
1 International Children’s Day
3 National Cancer Survivors Day
5 World Environment Day
5-11 World Heart Rhythm Week
14 World Blood Donor Day
15 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
16 Youth Day
24-30 SANCA Drug Awareness Week
25 World Vitiligo Day
26 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking


1-31 Mental Illness Awareness Month
2-6 Corporate Wellness Week
11 World Population Day
18 Nelson Mandela International Day
28 World Hepatitis Day